Saturday, 23 August 2008

Sunday Scribblings.

On Sunday Scribblings today we are asked to write about our first meeting with our ... I have chosen to write of my first date with my hubby, very soppy I'm afraid, but it's nice to be 'soppy' at times.

I met him one August night,
I thought HE'D never arrive,
No he was not late that evening,
But late in years.
I'd given up on men.

I really believed
My life was destined
To be all alone
But there he was
In his blue suit
And shiny shoes,
And there was I
Head over heels
In love with him.

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Lezlie said...

Soppy is good! :-)

Charli and me said...

Hi Zetor,
That was beautiful and how romantic! I loved it.

mgirl said...

When you least expect it, so I shouldn't give up? Very romantic!