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This is a photo of the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Baptist in Norwich. We attended Mass there last Sunday. A magnificent building both inside and out.Like many old cathedrals it is steeped in history. It was gifted to the city of Norwich by Henry Fitzalan Howard, 15 th Duke of Norfolk(1847-1917). I presume that these are the same Howard family to which Catherine Howard, 5th wife of Henry 8th belonged.
The Howards had preserved their Catholic faith over the years . The 15 th Duke was a determined young man whose faith blossomed under the influence of Cardinal John Henry Newman. As the 19th century approached Catholics were free again to practice their faith openly.

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kjpweb said…
Beautiful and impressive building!
Good skywatch!
Cheers, Klaus
imac said…
Great photo with info, what a wonderful post for Skywatch.
Anonymous said…
Great post! Thank you for sharing:)
Anonymous said…
That church is amazing! I can only imagine what it's like on the in side.
Kelly said…
I think that most every cathedral I've been in is so gorgeous, but my goodness, the history that goes along with this is amazing! I'd love to see the inside, but for now, I will have to just imagine it's glory!

Beautiful post!
Tommy V said…
what a cool building

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