Well it's been a good day today. My parcel arrived with an Opus Mono craft frame .
It can tilt to any angle so therefore any seat in the house is suitable to stitch on . The chart holder on the top means that , with my magnetic board I can see clearly how the chart is progressing . Just to make it all complete I bought a clip on magnifier.
The stitching in the photo is my crazy block . I should finish this soon and then decide what to do with it. It's been interesting trying out different stitches een if they haven't all turned out very neat.
As you can see the famous' Mog' had to get in the photo!!!


Lezlie said…
Cool! It keeps everything so organized. If I ever get back to needlework, I may have to get me one of these. ;-)

Tash said…
Such a cozy workspace & with a bonus of a kitty (I noticed him when I enlarged the photo). That's a very pretty crazy block. You are inspiring me to finish a quilt (machine stitched) I started with my son 5 years ago ... maybe if I did less blogging & more stitching. :) Hope you get a lot of good use from the frame.
Miss 376 said…
I've reaquainted myself with my Opus Floorstand, and what a difference it has made. Stops the cat trying to sit on whatever I'm stitching on. Look forward to seeing this CQ piece completed

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