Sewing is finished.

Well I've finished my crazy quilting block. I've decided to make it into a bag,so it has a dark blue lining and a purple cord for a strap to wear across the body.The silver block in the center wasn't the best choice of material as it did click a little but you live and learn. This was my first real attempt at this type of stitching and I'm really pleased with the result overall. Today is an awful day weather wise so I won't be taking it to church tonight but the first dry day and it will be out there. Now what will I start next, it's fun deciding.


Miss 376 said…
You have every right to be pleased, it looks beautiful
Susan said…
Very nicely done! I think the silver looks great. I like the way you twisted the ribbons at the bottom. I hope it won't be your last cq effort!
Anonymous said…
Very pretty! That will make a beautiful bag!
Gina E. said…
This is great for a first timer crazy patchwork! I love the colours, and your embellishments are beautiful.

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