Sewing Workshop.

After reading in the local press about this sewing workshop I decided to book a place for the September class. It is taking place in the Bowes Museum which is not far from my home. Elizabethan/Stuart technique of stumpwork is the skill I'm going to try. Although I have attempted a few different types of needlework in the past, stumpwork is new to me. It will be a great treat , really looking forward to it. There will be 15 in total in the class and I was number 14 to book so I was just in time.


Leigh Russell said…
Hope you enjoy the class. It sounds very enterprising of you. As you read Agatha Christie, you might want to visit my blog, about my experience of writing crime fiction. Please feel free to comment on my book cover.
Bernadette said…
Your embroidery is lovely and I love the photo of the castle, what a great idea to show some of your local areas.
Lezlie said…
Very interesting! Sounds like you'll have fun!

Miss 376 said…
Ooh, this is something I have always wanted to try. You'll have a wonderful time

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