Crazy block

I have been viewing many sewing blogs recently and this Crazy Quilting theme caught my eye. So I thought I'd have a try. The block shown , (is in great need of ironing,) but I'm really enjoying the 'freedom' this brings. There appear to be no rules with this type off stitching. Please tell me otherwise if that isn't the case, all you great stitchers.
The only trouble so far is that I find the needle for ribbon work is hard to pull through the material. After reading a book on this ,a size 18 Chenille needle is recommended. As my local store couldn't supply this I have ordered on line so more ribbon embroidery will have to wait.
The fabrics I used were leftovers. This seem to be a brilliant way to use them up. I haven't decided what to make it into yet, but no doubt something will come to mind soon.


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