Busy Day.

Today has been very busy. We stacked most of our hay bales, the rest can wait till tomorrow. I also washed a pair of curtains from the sitting room. So they were washed, dried and hung back up in between the stacking. It was good to get it all done and before 9pm. As 9pm. on Mondays means 'New Tricks' I love this programme. Do any other bloggers watch it?


I hadn't thought about Christmas being your hump in the Northern hemisphere! You guys are blessed. :-)
Happy hay-baling!!
Miss 376 said…
Oh I do, every week, or most anyway. Glad the haymaking going well, hope the storms haven't affected you
Anonymous said…
I have never seen that program. You have been tagged but no pressure. I wish you would post more pictures of your land. I hope you have a nice day. Carol
Denise said…
Monday is the Gadget Show and then Dragon's Den! Hubby isn't a drama type of person...having said that i think I bring enough Drama into the Nesbitt household! LOL!

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