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'It's shape portrays the completeness of the ruling power,
Tiered seating maintained a panoramic view
Of a scene created in blood.
A painting of violence and death.
For from this place few survived
Man and animal
Both were treated equally, brutally.
They walked together
These show beasts and show people.
For this was a circus,
A Roman circus.
And the 'ringmaster' controlled their fate
With a flick of his wrist.

For this was the Arena!'


Lezlie said…
I just nominated you for a Blog Award! :-) See my blog for details.

Have a great day!
Lezlie said…
PS Don't feel obligated to do the "rules". I just wanted to give you the award. :-)

Texas Travelers said…
Interest and clever post.

Come visit our A,
Troy and Martha
CaBaCuRl said…
Great idea for an A post, and seems like not many people around when you were there. I think I share your taste in literature, too.

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