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So another week has flown and we are at the letter 'B'.Baling. Here are my few words to accompany the photo of baling. Dh was baling hay here.

'Your case is packed,
Your passport ready,
Some far, flung isle is calling.

But please spare a thought for the farmer.

His Summer days are long and stressed
As machines breakdown
And rain spreads West
But despite all this
He does his best
In this the season of

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Texas Travelers said…
I really like this post , ohoto and verse.
Great job.
It's been a long time since I was on the farm and baled hay. Boy, was that a hot job.

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Troy and Martha
Sara said…
So that is what a hay baler looks like....but where are the bales? Are they round or square? I like the round ones best just going by looks--after all, what do I know about hay? Not much. I do remember how wonderful it can smell however. Sort of like summer.

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