The Sunday Salon.

This has been a busy week and especially the the last 2 days when my children arrived for 'Father's Day'(happy Father's Day to all U.K. Dads ).Consequently my reading has been slow. However, I have started a new book,
The Heart of the Lion.
This book continues on from 'The Revolt of the Eaglets'that I read a few weeks ago. It follows the Plantagenets from the death of Henry 11 and into the reign of King Richard(The Lionheart). I have just read about sixty pages, but it is proving good, as Richard's mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine is released from prison. Her years of imprisonment were the result of her husband's fear of her capabilities.


Anonymous said…
Have you read Ariana Franklin's detective novels? They are set in Henry II's reign and if you like that period you may well enjoy those.
John's comments said…
Yes my Father's Day Present was a 3 foot bar of which the family have been "helping" me eat!
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