Sky Watch

I think this is such a peaceful photo.
Check out
Tom's blog for some great photos.


Anonymous said…
It IS a very peaceful and beautiful scene!
Jenty said…
What a pretty place!
I like the way you framed the picture with the fence and tree. I would love to run across the field and feel the grass on my feet. I chose a solar halo for my contribution. I invite you to come see. -- Margy
JC said…
Wow the way you have taken the picture really draws my eye into the scene. Like one could just hop over the fence and go for a nice stroll. Beautiful.
Old Wom Tigley said…
I would find peace here also..
Thank you for being a part of Sky Watch this week, your post and comments are much appreciated.
Tom ;O)
babooshka said…
It is so peaceful. Nice shot.
Nicely composed photo; very nice Sky Watch.
Lilli & Nevada said…
Very beautiful place i would love to be there enjoying the peacefullness
Pearl Maple said…
Beautiful photo for Sky Watch Friday.
Anonymous said…
Another beautiful image. These remind me of my home and happy memories :)

Molly xxx

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