Thursday, 5 June 2008

Booking through Thursday

This week on Booking through Thursday the theme is Trends ----

Have your book-tastes changed over the years? More fiction? Less? Books that are darker and more serious? Lighter and more frivolous? Challenging? Easy? How-to books over novels? Mysteries over Romance?

I don't think my reading tastes have changed that much over the years. I have always liked historical and mystery books. After saying that I have expanded the authors in these categories that I read.
Years ago my favourite authors were Agatha Christie and Jean Plaidy/Victoria Holt.
Nowadays I still read and reread Jean Plaidy but Agatha Christie has morphed into many other authors, Paul Doherty, C.J.Sansom and Candace Robb, to name a few.

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gautami tripathy said...

I have branched out into non-fiction and more of poetry.

I can read anything..well almost anything.

Booking through trends