On Three Word Wednesdaythe words given this week are -------- Smile, Deny and Uncomfortable.
Here is my attempt at composing a few lines to include them.

'The train moved slowly out of the station. She watched him out of the window , his smile slowly drifting out of sight. That smile that once had made her feel uncomfortable. Why? The smile that made her wish to leave her husband and family. To deny her marriage and follow her own way. Deny is such a strong word she thought. And an even stronger action.
She should have not got on the train, she needed him , this man this person she left standing.'I could get off at the next station', she texted urgently, pleadingly. Uncomfortable silence followed. His phone was switched off...'


Grass is always greener on the other side. We always wish for what we don't have. Is living her husband and family worth it?

That aside, it is a great write..

Random Musings
La Tea Dah said…
Great job in putting those words together into an interesting story!

I mailed your package today and it's on it's way. Pray that it arrives without anything breaking! I tried to put lots of packing materials in for padding. It wasn't so 'pretty' as a result, but I determined that getting everything there in one piece was more important. Please let me know when it arrives.

:) LaTeaDah
Tammy said…
Powerful story in so few words. Loved how you ended it.
Daily Panic said…
teriffic story. packed with so much more unsaid..
Happy 3WW!
love trains!... this one's going nowhere.. great story...
Amarettogirl said…
oooh this was loaded, yet so concise! What a great contemporary wickedness - she texted him- his phone was off....oooh I loved it!! This was certainly one of my faves this week! excellent.
here is ,y 3ww:

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