Saturday, 10 May 2008

Weekend Wordsmith.

On Bonnie's blog can be found Weekend Wordsmith here. Each weekend a new prompt is given. The idea is that you write a little to incorporate the prompt.So here is my post.


Her life was like a painting,
With colours depicting her mood,
Daily chores were so very limiting,
As through the hours she viewed;
The World.
From a place that she had claimed,
Within a painting framed.


DaisyBug said...

Awesome - thanks for sharing this one! I really like it.

texasblu said...

I like the complexity of it - great job! :)

Jan Doble said...

mog, thanks for your kind comment! i like what you came up with about the 'framed' topic, as well. when you say her 'chores were so very limiting'...i get the feeling she had so very many, and couldn't get out much, but could only view the world through her window; kind of sad.