Sunday Salon.

This week's reading has found me with 'The Memory Keeper's Daughter' by Kim Edwards.

I'm about halfway through this novel. It began in quite a dramatic way, with children being 'fostered' onto work colleagues and how the 'natural' parents respond to this, in fact how this action haunts them. I am into the story where 13 years have passed and all involved are trying to lead 'normal' lives. The lives of the two families run parallel in the book. At the moment I feel that it is a bit slow, imho. The paths of these people must 'cross' soon I feel, but I can't think what the outcome of this will be. I know this book has great reviews , so I hope I'm not disappointed.


I see this book all over the blog world. Now I have to read it!

My SS post!
I've read it and really liked it!

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