The Sunday Salon.

Hello everyone. I can't believe another week has gone by. The weather her in the U.K. has been wonderful so a lot of my time has been spent in the garden. Not all reading time unfortunately , but weeding and planting a few flowers.
However, on the reading front I've started a new Jean Plaidy(by new I mean one that I haven't read, years ago I read lots of hers). This one is the 'The Revolt of the Eaglets'. It is a novel of the life of Henry Plantagenet. The opening chapters centre around his life with wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine. The year is 1171 and Thomas a Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury has been murdered.
Henry's men are accused of the murder. On the 'home' front Henry's children are beginning to revolt against him (hence the title)and his wife is anything but a loving spouse.
I think this has the makings of a good read. In the past, the Jean Plaidy's I've read have not included the Plantagenet's so this is new territory for me.I'm reading this as part of my Spring Reading Challenge.


Anonymous said…
Good Heavens! I thought I knew all the Jean Plaidy books. They're one of the major ways in which I learnt British History. But, this is one I must have missed. I wonder how I shall feel her writing has held up over the years? It must be the best part of forty years since I last read her.
zetor said…
Hi table talk. It's 30+ years since I started to read Jean Plaidy's.(Only read a couple of the 'Queen' series since then.) Her writing is as good as ever, imho. She manages her usual blend of history, romance and adventure.Give it a go!
Barbara said…
You are so right. At this time of year the beautiful weathe brings out the gardener in us rather than the reader.

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