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This weeks theme on
Gracious Hospitality is teapots. Any stories about them . I'm afraid I don't have anything wonderful to tell about mine. Although the teapot which sits in the cup is quite cute.
The three 'historical' ones I know I've uploaded a few weeks ago but they are so nice I thought I'd give them another airing.
Do check out 'Gracious Hospitality' there are some very interesting teapots on display.


Anonymous said…
You have the most unusual and beautiful teapots Zetor. They are all just lovely! I hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for sharing.
ellen b said…
Those historical ones are worth another look for sure! Very cool. I love all the rest too. The tea for one is so darn cute...
Have a lovely day.
La Tea Dah said…
I think you have interesting teapots --- and I especially love your old English historical ones --- but the cat one is quirky --- and the blue and white lovely too. I've enjoyed your posts very much.

We're having trouble with Mr. Linky. Posts in the right hand column aren't showing up. Would you mind re-linking using the smaller, 'new' Mr. Linky that I've posted below the other one. Once you've 'moved' I'll take you off the Mr. Linky that people are having trouble reading. Thanks and sorry for the bother.

:) LaTeaDah
Your top tea pot is simply beautiful.
Bonita said…
Such a unique variety. Those historical pots are wonderful. Love the kitty cats too. And white and blue pots are always a favorite with me. You have a really super collection!
Stacey Huston said…
I bet these teapots could tell some great stories themselves.. thanks for sharing
It's great fun just to see the variety of teapots even if there's no particular story to go with them. Thanks!
marye said…
Oh I like the kittens! Great tea pots!
Miss Sandy said…
Darling pots! Cute kitties but I love the little single serving pot and its matching cup! The blue and white design is so pretty. Thank you for sharing.
Lisa said…
Your teapots are really neat.
Cori G. said…
I love the tea pot with the Tudors. Thier costumes are so beautiful. How unique.
Sandra said…
I really love the Blue Willow tea for one pretty.

Thanks for sharing your collection.

I love your historical ones! I think I missed that other post, so I'm glad to get to see them! Thanks for sharing again!
Gina E. said…
I also think your teapots are charming! Just adore the one with the cats on - that is the first one I've seen with kitties on it!
Congratulations on winning the Gracious Hospitlitea Blog a Thon! It has been a pleasure getting to know you thorugh your blog as well.

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