ABC Wednesday

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Mrs. Nesbitts' place we are concentrating on photos of S objects. Today I took a photo of a Swaledale Sheep. These are a hardy breed, many found in the Swaledale area of North Yorkshire.Characteristics include round, curly horns,and a black face. As you can see it's lambs are growing and about six weeks old.


Sharon said…
This is a wonderful WS post! They are pretty creatures and i enjoyed the info on them.
Jules said…
Sweet..I would like to be out in a field just hangin' out
mrsb said…
How sweet! Thanks for sharing!
What wonderful green grass. I am sure they love munching it all day long. Come see my stump pictures. - Margy
ellen b said…
An S post with Sheep in Spring is wonderful. I so enjoyed seeing all the sheep in the Lake District when we were there in 2006 in May. So sweet to see the baby lambs...
Nydia said…
Such a sweet photo. The sheep reminds me of that old cartoon's sheep. Lovely lambs too.
Kisses from Nydia.

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