ABC Wednesday

This week it is the letter P.So here is my photo.

Check this out over on Mrs. Nesbitts.


ellen b said…
Perfect P for a book lover like you. well done...
Perfect P-post!

Have fun:)
leslie said…
A classic book with many cinematic renditions. Well done. :D
Ida said…
I`ve not read that book. I can see that Leslie, our teacher did. May be i have to borrow it at the library. Thank`s for the tip. :)

Texas Travelers said…
Great choice for P.
A classic.
I haven't read this in a long time.
Thanks for sharing

"P" is Posted.
Come visit,
Neva said…
aacckkkkk! Pride and Predjudice...."OH but mr. DARCY" gag me!!!!we tried to listen to this on was the longest book in the history of a car trip and the kids were mindboggling bored and continue to this day to make fun of that trip...the book on tape was an ungodly 9 hours by the time my husband and I got through all the "Oh but mr. DARCY"s". The movie was less boring but not by much. I would not have made a very good period piece girl. what a fun post!
Mine are posted!
Neva 1
Neva 2
Neva said…
and I do work in a library and read lots of books....this one was just a hoot from the car trip! Classics....go figure.
Helena said…
Ha! Now that's a clever choice for "p"! Brilliant!
mrsnesbitt said…
So sorry for being late to visit you, I am playing catch up after a few days out on the motorbike.

Perfect! LOL!

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