ABC Wednesday Q.

Click on photo to enlarge.
Now I thought Q was going to be difficult until I checked the farmyard and there 'she' was ,all grubby and dirty as usual. The 'Farmers' Friend'!!! A wonderful addition to any farmer's machinery.

ABC Wednesday is here


Texas Travelers said…
I guess this would also qualify as a quadruped.

Thanks for sharing,

Come visit my Quadruped,
Gary said…
Quadzilla indeed!

Looks a bit of a beast!

John said…
Quadzilla is a good choice!
leslie said…
I burst out laughing when I saw the name! Be a fun ride, for sure! :D
Katney said…
Not a quadraped, but a quadracycle.
Neva said…
What a hoot!!! Good "Q" post...
mine is here.
mrsnesbitt said…
LOL! Indeed a hoot!

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