Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Her neck was pretty average,
As on the block she laid
The axeman called, 'There's not a scratch
Upon my well honed blade.'

I really must stop reading all those historical novels, the 'block' is getting too familiar!!!(lol)

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texasblu said...

LOL! I think it was perfect!

Daily Panic said...

I am reminded of when Henry the 8th had his wife beheaded and she had a small neck so they used a sharp sword instead of an ax - and she was thankful.
Happy 3WW!

gautami tripathy said...

Wonderful. To the point!

lost to taxes

WriterKat said...

That's funny! Good job.

Linda Jacobs said...

Too funny! Love it1

TC said...

Well, isn't she a lucky one?

San said...

but... ouch!
:) that was an excellent read.