A week's posting

Well it's been one week since I started blogging. I want to thankyou all for stopping by and posting, it's good to know that my words have been seen. As you can see this blogging is a little tiring for some, but I will be back after my nap!Should that be cat-nap!


BooksPlease said…
I can see Lucy (my cat) will be wanting her own blog now. She's not in the room at the moment but often comes and reads blogs with me, walks over the keyboard and tries to catch the curser on the screen.

Anyway thanks for visiting my blog. I have started "Revelation" and it's promising to be as good as the other Shardlake books. My husband pre-ordered it for me from Amazon so it came as a late Christmas present.
Anonymous said…
Your cat is so cute! Thank you for visiting my blog. To down load the calendar hit the icon underneath it. That will take you to the site. Once you get there go to the calendars in the side bar. Pick out the one you want, right click your mouse, and copy the code. Then go to customize your blog. It's on the top of your blog.Once there go to add new element and that will take you to Java. Paste the code there. If you write to the woman who does the calendars she will help you too. If you have any further problems write me again.
Welcome to the world of blogging!

This picture almost made me cry. Your kitty looks just like my beloved Storm, who had to be put to sleep not long ago. She had a long seventeen years with us.
Anonymous said…
That cat is just the prettiest cat around...I bet she gets picked up and carried around at every opportunity!
I'm really enjoying reading your blog so far, hope theres lots more to come!
Molly Sinclair xxx

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