The Sunday Salon. 'Revelation'.

This is my first week in The Sunday Salon. The book that I have been reading today is 'Revelation' by C.J.Sansom. This author has penned a few books about Tudor England in particular the time of Henry V111 's reign.
This novel's main character is Matthew Shardlake, a lawyer.He is asked to help release a young boy from a mental institution, Bedlam. On his way around the capital he sees the body of a close friend brutally murdered, in trying to solve this crime another is discovered . Politics and royalty play a part in the narrative. Courtiers, lawyers and the poor working man are all drawn into the plot.
I'm only 100 pages into the book (there are 500+) and I'm completely hooked, it's wonderful. You can just about smell Tudor London(not very pleasant at times).

I know I'm going to enjoy the rest of this book.


Literary Feline said…
I really must try this author. It sounds like a great series. Thank you for the great review!
Anonymous said…
Welcome to the Salon. I've deliberately not read all of your post because I'm waiting for the new Shardlake to come from the library. Sanson is a first rate writer. Have you read his more modern novel, 'Winter in Madrid'? Just as good.
zetor said…
No 'table talk'. I haven't read Winter in Madrid, I hope to one day.
naida said…
after reading The Constant Princess, I'm hooked on the Tudors :)
'Revelation' sounds great.
Anonymous said…
Hello! I am still pretty new member of The Sunday Salon. It's been a pretty neat experience for me. And sorry I didn't stop by earlier. Sunday was a bit hectic for me. :)

Look forward to getting to know you better!
zetor said…
Hi j. kaye, I've just joined the Sunday Salon too. Hope we 'meet' up again soon.

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