The Sunday Salon. 'My Heart is my Own'.

Today my reading has incorporated a new book. 'My Heart is my Own', by John Guy. It is a biography of the life of Mary, Queen of Scots.In some ways this follows on from last weeks post about 'Revelation' ,which was set in the time of Henry V111.
Review here.
Having just started reading this book, I have covered her birth in a turbulant Scotland in 1542. Her father was James V of Scotland and her mother Mary of Guise. Wars within in British Isles were prevelant during Henry V111'S reign.His aim was to conquer French territory(a quest dating back to The Hundred Years War). As James V had married into the French Guise family Henry had to conquer Scotland first.

Mary was born on 8th December, a prominent day in the Catholic year, being the feast day of the Immaculate Conception , that was the reason for her being given her name.

Her father died when she was 6 days old . Consequently her mother was responsible for her formation. Mary of Guise was politically astute and grew to be popular among the Scottish people.
And so the journey to Fotheringay Castle begins.

I have read novels about Mary Queen of Scots before but this is my first biography. We will see how we go.
Happy reading.


Anonymous said…
I've really enjoyed reading your book reviews as it seems we both like the same books! Also LOVED your quote from Charlotte Bronte...the author of my favourite literary heroine, the formidable and wonderful Jane Eyre!

Molly xx

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