In my web wanderings I came across this site

It's full of book reviews . My eye was drawn to 'The Redemption of Sarah Cain', by Beverley Lewis. I do like the sound of this, the review was positive . Anyone reading this tried any of her books, I think she's written a few with Amish themes.Your comments appreciated.


Lil Mouse said…
hey i dropped by for fun monday. my mom has read all the amish series by BL and really likes them. she mostly reads romance/historical fiction sorts of things, although i did convince her to read Harry Potter and she liked that too, begrudgingly ;-)
anyway, several of her sisters read them as well. they are in their 60s-70s... i dont know if that means anything to you or not, but they all liked them.
Sherry said…
Thanks for the link, and thanks for dropping by my blog. You can leave links to any book reviews you write during the week on Saturday when I do a book review round-up called Saturday Review of Books.

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