On the following site http://gracioushospitality.blogspot.com/2008/03/week-3-decor-tea-blog-along-with-us.html we are all invited to tea. Well to display our teapots, this sounds like fun. The top photo, from left to right, Shows a Tudor theme(Henry V111 and his wives), A Stuart theme (Charles 1)and Elizabethan theme(Elizabeth 1, Walter Raleigh and Francis Drake).I bought them a few years ago, I think there were others at the time but they don't appear to be on sale now.

So here's a teatime poem,

I wish we could sit down together,

And have a cup of tea.

But since we can't

When you have this one

I hope you'll think of me.


Anonymous said…
Hi, Iabsolutely love your tea pots. They are so beautiful. I have never seen anything quite like them. I love the tea-a-thon. It's so interesting to stop in at other people's blogs and take a look at their collections. I really like your blog. I love to read too.
Carrie said…
The English teapots are a very nice series.
Minnesota Kathi said…
Oh my, I have never seen anything like your tea pots! I love them all and being a cat lover that may be my favorite! Thanks for sharing your beautiful collection.

Kathi :)
La Tea Dah said…
I've never seen Tutor themed teapots before, but I really like them! They are classics and so very elegant. I'm glad you joined the Gracious Hospitality tea blog-a-thon. I enjoyed your post very much!

Esther Sunday said…
Mog - Hi! Thanks for popping in to see me over at Esther Sunday! Nice to meet you... love your teapots - especially the kitty one, as it has a whimsical appeal to me! Since you saw the book on my post - have you read "Undaunted Courage" by Stephan Ambrose? About the Lewis and Clark Expedition? It is very, very good. Love, Esther
ellen b. said…
Those teapots you have are marvelous! How fun. Thanks for sharing the teatime poem, too!
Miss Sandy said…
You have some very unusual tea pots! Love the clever shape of them!
Pam said…
Love your Tudor themed teapots - beautiful and unusual!! The kitty tea pot, and the blue and white are very pretty, too (I also love blue and white china).

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