Booking through Thursday.

Over on this blog, we are asked to state if our reading habits change now Spring is here(although here in U.K. it is not very Springlike). In general I do tend to read a few gardening books at this time of year.I usually borrow the same one from the library every year, it's one of my favourites which concentrates on flowering pots. This aspect of gardening suits my garden.
Regarding fiction, I don't normally move away from my usual genres whatever the time of year. I must try and 'branch' out sometime.


pussreboots said…
It's fun to branch out in reading. Happy BTT.
zetor said…
I really must try other books, pussreboots. I'm always drawn to the same type of books. But I do enjoy them!
Anonymous said…
I try to branch out on occasion but it usually doesn't work out well.

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Booking through Thursday

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