April ---- Poetry month.

I found a very old poetry book, one that I had as a child. It's title is 'The Silver Torch Series', 'The Jingle Book', compiled by Lavinia Derwent and it was first published in January 1939.

This was one of my favourites,

The Fairy Dressmaker.
A little fairy dressmaker
Lives in a woodland dell;
A bramble thorn her needle is,
Her thimble --- a bluebell.
She gathers up the petals shed
By every flower that grows ----
The daisy,and the columbine,
The pansy, and the rose.
She stitches them with spider's thread
To fairy gowns and things;
For buttons she puts tiny seeds,
And grasses green for strings.
And fast her magic needle flies,
As long as it is light,
For every fairy lady needs
A new gown every night.
Charlotte Druitt Cole.
I have no children to share this with , please feel free to share with your children or grandchildren.


Lezlie said…
I have no children either, but that is really cute!


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